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Wholesale price per kilo of Iranian saffron(price list 2023)+buyer seller bulk saffron

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برای دیـدن لیست قیمت +جزئیات حراجی مخصوص شب عید 1402 در کـانـال های زیر عضو شوید :

Ways of buying bulk saffron

Undoubtedly, saffron is placed at the highest part of the table in food material production. Countries like Iran have provided a large quantity of saffron in recent years. The geographical position of Iran and other countries like Morocco and Spain make them somehow blessed for harvesting the best quality of saffron in the world. Solely, we direct most of our essays on Iranian saffron production. To discuss this, we are partly aware of the diversity of quantity produced in Iran. Therefore, we observe more details related to it.

 buy bulk saffron
bulk saffron
First, the main question pops up for the people who want to buy bulk saffron in Iran. Buying bulk saffron is the first step then. Spotting the right producer in the country is the other burden for the buyers who want to negotiate everything without any intermediary agents.

Availability of saffron powder

Tezar as a supplier of saffron produces saffron powder as well. The powder gets extracted from Sargol saffron. The multiple usages of this powder have made it a favorite for those who like to have an extra flavor for their foods. What’s more, fine saffron powder makes the beverages taste more delicious.


Tezar Co. is a producer and  supplier wholesale pistachios and
Wholesale saffron
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Saffron wholesale by Tezar

The trustworthiness in the market of bulk saffron is the priority. Nobody can turn a blind eye to this issue. To get the best way to an honest manufacturer though is another criterion. Getting saffron in tones may increase the worries too. Yet, there is a manufacturer in Iran that has made everything easy for trading this expensive material. Tezar as the most experienced producer in Iran started its trading in 1983. The viability to the countries all over the world takes the reputation of this brand in saffron worldwide. Their agents in the world are always available to get the orders and then provide what they’re said in a blink of an eye. This rush to get the orders ready would not only reduce the quality of saffron to the purchasers but hand the best quality of saffron to them.

Wholesale purchase of Iranian saffron
Saffron wholesale by Tezar

Iranian saffron types

To prove their claims, it may be interesting to tell the process of harvesting and then producing Iranian saffron in detail. The Tezar harvesting process is done wearily. Additionally, if we dare to say this material is fragile then we might be overwhelmed by their picking-up process. The scrutiny of harvested saffron to check their quality in the lab to get sure is almost the final resort of the staff of Tezar to keep their brand still illuminating in saffron marketing.

The production of Tezar is not limited to just powder and the threads of bulk saffron. The producing tools to delve into other elements of saffron sorting products is their everlasting target. Highly recommended, their package of saffron-based elements like saffron tea, pudding, cake powder, candy, and many other products will fill the bag of purchasers satisfactorily. The simplified way of contacting Tezar can be provided for those who want to get the crux of the information about saffron trading.


Saffron history
best iranian saffron brand

Saffron history

Like many other elements, saffron in bulk has its history for a long time ago like the Iranian saffron. It’s not surprising though to trace the longevity to the civilizations that care for their treaty. The Mesopotamian lands have estimated the origin of saffron however it’s still in doubt. Being a rich healthy ingredient, saffron was used for different dishes in the past the same as the current time. So, saffron can be replaced by other things like turmeric. Its healthy advantage is beyond the negotiation. However, many try to mix turmeric and saffron and then spread it into marketing cheatingly.

iran saffron online
Types of Iranian Saffron

Iranian saffron kinds

When it comes to Iranian saffron kinds, six ones can be found in the marketing in bulk.

Super Negin saffron

Many request bulk saffron, we start with the best quality ones. It’s red and for people who like to get the kinds with large threads, super Negin saffron is the best choice.

Negin Iranian saffron

The other type of Iranian saffron is undoubtedly the most reputable one. We have heard the name of this saffron at least once. Fortunately, the purchaser can get Negin saffron in bulk.

Sargol saffron

Similarly, Sargol saffron looks red too. It differs in its thread size from the two other mentioned ones. Sargol saffron is the best flavor for seafood. It’s famously called Spanish saffron as well.

Pushal saffron

Pushal saffron

It may happen for you to see yellow color in some threads of Iranian saffron in addition to the red one. It downs on you it is the Pushal saffron, seemingly. This is the characteristic of this saffron in comparison with the other above-mentioned ones.

Coarse saffron powder

The name of this type introduces it generally. The smashed threads resulted in a powder that would be utilized for different purposes in dishes.

Threads of saffron


What is saffron?

buy saffron online Its purchase is one of those types of purchases that the customer must pay attention while buying saffron so that he does not lose his head and buy another kind instead of saffron; Especially since it is easy to do.

They say saffron is red gold. The red gold of the desert, from every 150 flowers, they harvest one gram, and only one gram, and this quality and quantity is specific to the products that are harvested in the desert. It is known as saffron and this name is Arabicized “Zarparan”, original saffron is one of the products that housewives and cooks always look for.

Guide to buying original saffron

What is the best brand of saffron?

Since saffron has more material value than other agricultural products, rather than focusing our attention on the brand or other appearance characteristics of this product, we should learn how to recognize the original saffron. Because today there are many fake brands. It exists in the market, and even in big brands, it is possible to cheat and mix original saffron with some low-quality or fake saffron.

buy saffron online
Iranian saffron vs Kashmiri saffron

Guide to buying original saffron

Identifying the original saffrons from the head branch of the saffron stigma is considered the easiest method. Because the top branches of the saffron stigma are three-pronged and the upper part is a trumpet, which gets narrower as it goes down, while it has a bit of a spicy taste; If the saffron is sweet, it means that the trader has added some salt or sugar to increase its weight.

Of course, if the saffrons are powdered, they can only be detected with laboratory devices.

Original saffron is one of the products that housewives and cooks are always looking for, because they know what special aroma saffron gives to food.

If you want to buy original saffron in different weights, saffron sites and online stores directly from the farmer can be the best choice for you, because you can get your products guaranteed.

1 kg saffron price
iranian saffron brands

How to choose the original saffron?

Today, you can find saffron sources in parts of the Mediterranean, Spain, France, Italy, and Iran. But you know that the quality will be different. And certainly Iranian saffron, especially saffron, including Qom Gonabad Tezar, Qain and Torbat Heydarieh, will have better quality. As far as FAO has confirmed this issue.

The main problem in this case is the tendency of some sellers to mix a little saffron with cheap spices and sell it as high quality saffron to maximize profit. Therefore, how do buyers identify quality saffron (the best Iranian saffron). Some ways to buy good saffron are described below.

Color of saffron: The fastest sign of pure saffron product is the color of saffron. All products must have red color. Be careful if you buy it in powder form, this habit of mixing saffron is unfortunately common in street corner shops and some sellers mix it with other spices, especially turmeric and mushrooms.

It is better to avoid buying powdered saffron completely. Another indication is to wash just one string of saffron in a small bowl of water, the original saffron turns the water yellow. But fake saffron makes it fast. So if the saffron still retains its color, remove it from the water, it is the original saffron.

buy saffron online
Saffron texture: Break a saffron root in your fingers and rub it gently, it should feel dry and brittle. If you touch it and it feels soft and tender, it means that there is moisture in the package for weight gain.

Taste and aroma of saffron: Check the saffron you want to buy with its needs, taste and smell. If he puts a piece of saffron in his mouth, if it makes your mouth sweet, that saffron is fake. Interestingly, saffron is a spice whose taste can be difficult to explain. The best quality of saffron has a strong and inflexible smell and is slightly bitter.
Remember if you come across a lower price of saffron somewhere or a site (you can do a quick browse on the internet and make sure it’s genuine or fake.


saffron usa
Appearance characteristics of exported saffron:

Here you can easily distinguish the original saffron from fake saffron

Identification of original saffron buy saffron online
Saffron can make the food in our home taste delicious and fragrant like it came out of a five-star restaurant.


Storage of major saffron in the factory, kitchen, restaurant and at home

When you decide to store fresh saffron in your kitchen and home plant, keep this in mind and remember to store it in a sealed container in a dark, dry place after use. The best containers for storing saffron are metal or glass containers.

Iranian wholesale saffron
Iranian wholesale saffron

Guide to buying saffron

This product collection of Khorasan saffron and especially Gonabad Tsar saffron at a very reasonable price in the country and all our products are provided with quality guarantee and on the condition that it is approved by the laboratory. We offer different types of saffron.

One of our other advantages is that you see the product first and then pay the price.

Here you can buy saffron directly from the farmer and receive and pay at home much faster than you think.

Buying saffron from the farmer

You can choose your desired product through the website or our contact numbers, and then pay the amount at your door after seeing the material. For bulk purchase of original saffron, contact our numbers.


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