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برای دیـدن لیست قیمت +جزئیات حراجی مخصوص شب عید 1402 در کـانـال های زیر عضو شوید :

برای دیـدن لیست قیمت +جزئیات حراجی مخصوص شب عید 1402 در کـانـال های زیر عضو شوید :

When one hears the name saffron, one can’t help thinking about Iranian saffron. In this essay, we like to delve into the history and the diverse usages of saffronWhen one hears the name saffron, one can’t help thinking about Iranian saffron. In this essay, we like to delve into the history and the diverse usages of saffron


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Kinds of Iranian saffron

We may wonder about the origin of saffron if we follow its trace to the time when it was called “tear”. Yes, and indeed it was inserted into another language like French that has its effect on it and the name remained perennial. Like its stem flower is a perennial one, the name is known as the same that French named it so far. Crocus Sativus is not an annual flower however it blossoms once a year.

How to Buy Bulk Saffron?
How to Buy Bulk Saffron?

As the Persian name introduces it well,“tezar or saffron is “gold strung”.

One may expense a lot to get saffron. The main reason for it is the process of harvesting and purifying saffron. On the one hand, having a lightweight, a farmer has to allocate a large area to plant saffron while they extract a little from it. On the other hand, the hardship of harvesting saffron is another reason for its costly price.

 Environmentally, Iranian saffron is the best kind of it in the world whether for its soil richness or the geographical situations affecting it. So, this essay tries to discuss Iranian saffron kinds in detail.


saffron usa
Appearance characteristics of exported saffron:

Way of purchasing the best Iranian saffron

Most chefs in the world know the diverse usage of saffron in their dishes. Particular features of saffron are undoubtedly provoking and make any dish mouth-watering. Apart from its taste that adds an aroma to the food, saffron makes any food yummy and beautiful for its extraordinary golden color. Yet, the story won’t end in the kitchen. One may find the trace of saffron in drugstores and pharmaceutical targets and believably, the cosmetic industry can’t lose the chance of using this gold flower in their administrative budget for producing saffron-based products.

Iranian saffron

When it comes to talking about saffron, one can’t help thinking about Iranian saffron and mainly Iran as the main country that spread saffron. However, this wealth comes from the soil the saffron is being harvested like many other countries that harvest a particular product for example Cuban tobacco, Colombian coffee, or Ukrainian grain. Additionally, the Iranian culture type has boosted the rule of saffron. Aromatic spices like saffron play an important part in the Iranian ingredients for cooking.

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The origin of saffron

Picking up saffron in fall

The origin of saffron

Controversially speaking, the origin of saffron has remained unknown yet. They made some assumptions that the Persian people were the first who distinguished the benefits of saffron. The name saffron indicates this claim though the production of the saffron is the other reason that proves this statement. Roughly speaking, Iran produces a large quantity of world saffron.

When saffron is harvested

Saffron is a fall-season flower. This time is when the farmers who harvest saffron head to their lands to pluck purple flowers that cover the whole land. The beautiful sightseeing of saffron land is worth hitting the roads that are directed to this farmland particularly. In Iran, the eastern part of the map is known for its saffron harvesting for a long time. The flowers blossoms and opens on 1sat November.

People pluck the open flowers and pick their three threads from the flower. This lasts for almost three weeks. Surprisingly, there has to be plucked 75000 or more to have just one gram of saffron. The threads are then dried after separating from the flower and collecting in a particular place for this purpose.

The usage of saffron from the past

Some people finitely know the use of Iranian saffron. Even though saffron is mainly used in cuisine. The pungent smell of it got hunted soon by the creative people in perfume production. It’s not surprising when its particular color helps those who need a sharp golden one for their targets like getting used in painting. Besides, saffron’s healthy benefits got transparent soon in the past. It’s still common to use saffron for medical purposes.

Ritually speaking, saffron is an indication of wellness. It had a key role in wedding ceremonies. It’s believed that saffron brings health and wealth to the life.

Harvesting saffron is a hardship

American saffron vs Kashmiri saffron
The usage of saffron from the past

How to use saffron?

Iranian Saffron is harvested from a dry environment so it’s natural to keep it in a dry place as well. Additionally, we need to keep them in a suitable container to not get wet or frozen. Chiefs like to smash the threads and then put them into boiled water. The hot water makes the saffron color separate. After mixing in the hot water, it’s added to different dishes. Likely, most favorite one in Iran is adding saffron mixed with hot water to the rice or using it as a flavor and spice for Kebab.

Fortunately, Tezar has paved the way for purchasing different kinds of saffron. Anyone can call them directly to get what they have ordered.

The usage of saffron

Instinctively, flower products are mostly treated as tea for people. Herbal tea can empower the immunity system. It’s favorable for people to have herbal tea at least three times a day. So, Iranian saffron has some special features to make a person have saffron tea. Another usage of saffron is getting aromatic milk boiled with some stigmas of saffron.

When one hears the name saffron, one can’t help thinking about Iranian saffron. In this essay, we like to delve into the history and the diverse usages of saffron



A large farmer’s land of saffron


Saffron is only the original good!

Maybe you are one of those who are looking to buy original saffron from a reliable person and do the right thing, but do not know a reliable seller. At Tazar, we have many expert consultants who are only looking for honest advice on quality and pure saffron.

For this purpose, we have prepared all kinds of pure saffron in special saffron packages and different sizes. Of course, despite the introduction of all the methods of distinguishing original saffron from fake, we also send a saffron test sheet and a money back guarantee along with the saffron sent.

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Saffron is only the original good!

No matter how much we talk about the methods of identifying the original saffron, the issue of trust and honesty comes up. We ourselves are the publishers of the culture of proper cultivation and harvesting of original saffron and we are fully familiar with the techniques of producing quality saffron.


Access to the best type of saffron in the country

Years of work in the field of saffron cultivation training has taught us what to do to provide high-quality and customer-friendly saffron. Mahchin saffron is produced and processed completely according to the demands of customers. This saffron has excellent coloring and a fragrance that amazes every goldsmith.

By examining different regions of the country, we came to the conclusion that the saffron produced in some regions of Iran (due to climatic and geographical conditions) has a much higher quality than other saffrons. For this purpose, we spent several years training and expanding saffron cultivation in these areas so that we can provide quality saffron to our customers.

We assure you that we will deliver high-quality saffron harvested by clean farmers to your hands, and these are only brokers who intend to make more profit by adding impurities to saffron.

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How to determine the price of saffron

How to determine the price of saffron

Like other products such as honey, saffron has different types that have a great impact on its price:

The way to separate saffron determines the type of saffron produced, such as Pushal, Sergol, Negin, Super Negin or Dokhtar Pich (full string) saffron.
Coarseness of saffron stigmas
The method of drying saffron determines whether saffron is pressed or not.
The quality of saffron is determined by specialized laboratories.


All kinds of Tezar products
Buy Sargol saffron

Another name of Sargol saffron is premium saffron. Sargol saffron is very colorful and beautiful and is widely used. To buy Sargol saffron in the quantity you want, Tezar is ready to serve you.

Buy super precious saffron

Super Nagin saffron is the best type of saffron for export and with the best aroma and taste among different types of saffron that are used for export to different countries and has a higher price than other types of saffron.

Buy precious saffron

In comparison of Nagin saffron with Super Nagin saffron, it should be said that the stigmas of Nagin saffron are thinner than Super Nagin saffron and have a lower price and also have a lower quality, but compared to Sargol saffron, it has a higher quality.

Buy Pushal saffron

Pushal saffron, in addition to the stigma of saffron, also has the yellow lower part that is connected to the root, and it has a lower price compared to Nagin and Sargol saffrons. Confectioneries and kitchens use it.

Buy saffron root

Another name for saffron root is saffron cream and it has a lower price than all types of saffron. The saffron root is called the end of the saffron stigma, which is white in color and has all the characteristics and flavor of saffron, but the coloring percentage is very low. People who are only looking for the aroma and taste of saffron can use saffron root.


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Buy saffron root

What is the function of saffron petals?

There are generally 3 red strands in the saffron flower, which is the stigma, although sometimes this number is more than 3 strands. If you pay attention, next to these stigmas, there are some yellow flags and also some purple petals, and the rest of them are usually thrown away.


But today, Chinese researchers have conducted research on the components of saffron to know what saffron really is and what properties it has, and they have come to

the conclusion that:

The properties of the purple petals of saffron have nothing less than the properties of the red and expensive stigmas of saffron. This is why recently the purple petals of saffron have received a lot of attention from the people and they consume it as an infusion. Based on the results obtained for the properties of saffron flower, the Chinese use saffron petals to treat many diseases.

It is also good to know that the functions of the saffron flower are not limited to the health and treatment sector, and it is also effective in the field of industry, and the saffron petal is very useful for creating natural colors, especially in dyeing clothes and carpets. And the color obtained from saffron petals is due to anthocyanin present in saffron.

The color of saffron petals can be used both in liquid and powder form, and it is interesting that these colors are completely edible and it is well used for saffron cooking such as food decoration, jelly, etc. At the same time, the positive point of these colors is that the colors used from saffron petals have none of the disadvantages and side effects of saffron stigma color, and more interestingly, saffron petal has a lower price than saffron stigma.

Therefore, with saffron petals, you can get a more natural and high-quality color than the color of saffron stigmas and pay less.

Therefore, when buying saffron, pay attention to which part you need and buy the same to have a good and useful purchase.


Wholesale purchase of Iranian saffron
Saffron wholesale by Tezar

Saffron flower products

Many people think that the red strands of saffron are the only product of the saffron flower, but this is not true. The saffron flower consists of 6 petals, 3 yellow stamens and a red three-branched stigma, each of which has different properties and uses. Also, saffron root is obtained from the stigmas of three saffron branches


What are the uses of each of the saffron products?
Saffron strands:
The red strands of saffron are consumed all over the world, especially in Iran, and these strands are also widely used in the pharmaceutical industry and export of saffron.


Yellowness of saffron:

Yellow flags of saffron, which is also called yellow saffron, are used in ice cream shops and bakeries.


Saffron petals:

Saffron petals are used in the preparation of saffron petal tea, which has refreshing and anti-depressant properties.


Saffron root:

The white part of saffron stigma is said to have the same properties as saffron threads, but it has low coloring power. Saffron root is used in ice cream shops and bakeries and can be used in all kinds of dishes and stews.

All these products are obtained from saffron bulbs that are planted at a depth of 20 to 30 cm.

Saffron petal jam
Other properties of saffron petals include saffron flower jam.

You can make this jam at home.

Also, if you want your jam to get a better taste, it is good to brew the petals together with saffron.

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